2014 - Year of opportunity
Julie. 21. Melb Uni (Currently at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies). Viet-Chi Australian. Arashi ('08). Aiba-chan (081117). Sakuraiba. Debikuro-kun

"Rather than smiling because things are enjoyable, I always think that if you smile, there's something enjoyable waiting for you." - Aiba Masaki
  • Arashi
    Tokei Jikake no Umbrella
  • Arashi 30 day song challenge

    Day 2: An underrated song

    Tokei jikake no umbrella~ from the My girl single in 2009. I thought it should have been a B-side song with a PV like Crazy moon or Kaze no mukou e. I’m not crazy about this song like I did 3 years ago but when I was, I kept this song on repeat. I can imagine Arashi in suits in the angsty PV <3

    Feb 4, 2012

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